Improvisation over a minor7-chord using arpeggios – Jazz

Welcome guitar fans,

today i´d like to talk about an easy way to create beautiful jazz sounds over a minor7 chord. Based on a backingtrack unsing an Em7-Chord, let´s try some arpeggios to create jazz sounds and tension.

1. Create a backingtrack with Em7 only

2. Play the following arpeggios in your solo:

  • Em7-Arpeggio
  • Bm7-Arpeggio
  • Gmaj7-Arpeggio
  • Dmaj7-Arpeggio
  • C#m7b5-Arpeggio
  • Em9-Arpeggio
  • Bm9-Arpeggio
  • Gmaj9-Arpeggio
  • Dmaj9-Arpeggio
  • C#m7b5b9

Try the following scales and arpeggios over a tracking using E dominant 7:

  • E mixolydian
  • D Major Pentatonic Scale
  • G#m7b5 Arpeggio
  • Bm9-Arpeggio
  • Dmaj9-Arpeggio
  • Amaj7-Arpeggio

Have a lot of fun. If you have any questions please send an email to or we can meet in skype for a private lesson.

Nico Pitzer

Weekend Jazz Jam: Monday Edit

Welcome guitar fans,

todays episode of my guitar blog is about improvising over jazz chords. The weekend jazz jam is about finding out which scale or arpeggio fits over the chords progression below. As always, you´re welcome to send an email with your questions & i´ll try to help you out. On monday, you will find the right scales and arpeggios right here in this episode. But today you have to work it out by yourself.

Have a lot of fun.

Dm7 / G7#5 / Cmaj7 / A7#5

As I told you on friday, here are the Arpeggios for your solo over the chord progression:

Dm7: Use D d dorian (C Major) or the A minor pentatonic scale over this chord. Try to use some chromatic approaches. You can use a d minor 7 arpeggio as well.

G7#5: G-phrygian dom. (C harmonic minor) or G altered scale (a flat melodic minor). Try to Play a g dominant 7 arpeggio by adding a E flat.

Cmaj7: You can Play C-ionian (C Major) or C lydian (F Major). You can also Play a Cmaj7-Arpeggio.

A7#5: Like G7#5 but 2 semitones higher.

Nico Pitzer