Improvisation over a minor7-chord using arpeggios – Jazz

Welcome guitar fans,

today i´d like to talk about an easy way to create beautiful jazz sounds over a minor7 chord. Based on a backingtrack unsing an Em7-Chord, let´s try some arpeggios to create jazz sounds and tension.

1. Create a backingtrack with Em7 only

2. Play the following arpeggios in your solo:

  • Em7-Arpeggio
  • Bm7-Arpeggio
  • Gmaj7-Arpeggio
  • Dmaj7-Arpeggio
  • C#m7b5-Arpeggio
  • Em9-Arpeggio
  • Bm9-Arpeggio
  • Gmaj9-Arpeggio
  • Dmaj9-Arpeggio
  • C#m7b5b9

Try the following scales and arpeggios over a tracking using E dominant 7:

  • E mixolydian
  • D Major Pentatonic Scale
  • G#m7b5 Arpeggio
  • Bm9-Arpeggio
  • Dmaj9-Arpeggio
  • Amaj7-Arpeggio

Have a lot of fun. If you have any questions please send an email to or we can meet in skype for a private lesson.

Nico Pitzer